Online Sessions

Counselling and psychotherapy online and via phone

Like many therapists, the impact of CV19 required that I ‘skill up’ and embrace this new medium. Unlike many therapists, I have found it to be effective, efficient and very rewarding. For sure there is something missing by not being in a room together but it turns out that for some clients in some situations, this is actually an advantage.

Potential benefits to online counselling for clients:

• Feeling more relaxed in your chosen environment
• Easier to talk about difficult subjects
• Potentially less intense than meeting face to face
• Complete anonymity in terms of others knowing that you are seeing a therapist or the therapist knowing your friends and family
• Access to far more therapists from all over the world
• Ability to check out several therapists to find a therapist that you can work with
• Easier to fit therapy into a busy routine
• Audio only sessions can provide an even less intense person-to-person experience whilst still maintaining a supportive space

The practicalities

My preferred online format is for us to meet ‘face-to-face’ via either FaceTime or Zoom but I am also set up for WhatsApp video.

Audio only sessions are possible via the above three channels or via a normal phone call or VOIP.


If you would like to book an online session please contact me and we can make the necessary arrangements for an initial session.

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